Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. introduces the COLT Bluetooth Enabled Tensionmeter

The Dillon family, inventors of the dynamometer, has been recognized for over 70 years as the “Force and Tension Measurement Experts.” Since 1937, Dillon Dynamometers have been chosen for the jobs where only the best will do; today the Dillon family company, Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc., represents a complete line of top quality force and tension measurement devices. Long time members of NATE, the Dillon family understands the Tower Industry’s stringent requirements.

DQ Plus is pleased to present the newest addition to our quality tension measurement line: the Straightpoint COLT tensionmeter, a digital clamp on line tensionmeter that uses Bluetooth technology to transmit data wirelessly to any smart device. The data logging feature within the COLT Android or iOS app allows the user to log in tension data changes vs time and upload the information to the cloud directly from the smart device.

COLT Bluetooth Tensionmeter–Lightweight and Easy to Use

Manufactured using aerospace grade aluminum the COLT is lightweight and easy to use, enabling the operator to accurately measure wire rope tension up to 11,000lbf/5000 kgf and up to 1”/25mm diameter. Designed for use in a wide range of on line tension measuring environments, the COLT tensionmeter operates on wires that are already under tension. AND once the unit is in place, tension may be checked on cables or wire ropes that are set at any angle.

COLT Tensionmeter Worldwide Applications

Supplied with a carry case made just to hold it, The COLT Tensionmeter is the perfect tension meter for worldwide clamp on line tension measurement in applications such as:

  • Cell tower, bridge, stack, antenna, and mast Guy wire maintenance
  • Tower and Guy Tension Alignment
  • Guy Tower Tension and Plumb
  • Cell tower plumb and tension testing
  • Installation tips for Guyed towers
  • Guyed tower deployment
  • Turnbuckle and EHS guy wire tensioner
  • Comparison, equalization and measurement for Wire rope installations
  • Tension measurement for median cable barriers
  • Monitoring overhead lines for utility cables
  • Wire rope maintenance for elevator hoist, governor and compensating wires
  • Testing Zip lines and assault courses
  • Testing systems for Fall arrest
  • Testing Metro, tram and rail transit electric and catenary wires
  • Testing Ski lift lines
clamp on tension meter
Bluetooth Enabled Tensionmeter

As with all of our force and tension measurement products, the experts at Dillon/Quality Plus Inc. are happy to help you determine the best product for your environment. We promise the COLT will make tension measurement accurate and easy.